Experience the best the East has to offer with a variety of dishes meant to tantalize and excite your taste buds. Our mission at Indy yum is to create delicious, authentic dishes our patrons will enjoy.

Our unique dining experience ensures you’ll always have a solution to your cravings for Asian food whether it’s a classic Indian or a honest cantonese that you fancy we have the best of both worlds. Our signature taste experience takes you on a journey of vivid yet comforting food that is reminiscent of an exotic trip to Asia, allowing you to experience the delightful landmarks, scents, and wonders with each bite.

The Indy yum experience is unrivalled because our menu is real, good food, which we've created to combine the precision of fine dining and the flavour of that is reminiscent of traditional Chinese and Indian food.Situated in the heart of Ross on Wye, Indy yum brings a dining experience like no other to the Ross-on-Wye restaurant scene.

Expect freshly prepared meals, bursting with flavour and prepared authentically. Our chefs and cooks ensure that every item on our menu embodies perfection and leaves you with a hankering for more.

To achieve this we only source the very best ingredients from reputable suppliers and where possible local too from garden-fresh veggies, authentic spices, and natural meats ensure that you’re getting the highest quality dishes.We prepare every item on our menu in house, meaning no prepackaged, frozen, or processed food.

Feel as though you’re visiting Beijing or wandering the streets of Delhi with our honest take on your favourites.Our fusion cuisine is the dining experience you’ve been anticipating in Ross-on-Wye. Our interior is reminiscent of the most opulent fine-dining experience. Our tasteful decor and restaurant’s ambience is inviting yet luxurious, which makes dinner – or lunch – at Indy yum that much more inviting, relaxing, and mesmerizing with every visit, this is first of its kind in Ross-on-Wye.

So whether you're looking for an authentic Indian brunch at lunch times or are hungry and have a cravings for the very best Chinese and Indian dishes for dinner time then be sure to check out Indy yum to fulfil your cravings